Why there are various names for English Language Learning Classes like Intensive Course, Conversational Course, Basic Course, Advance Course, Corporate Business English Course?

SureEnglish Blogs has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

English Speaking Course is simply English Speaking Course everywhere all the time. It is for teaching students to speak in English. If it works same, than what is the need to give so many names to these courses. Some says it General English Course, some says Intensive English Course, some says it Basic English Course and so on…  Are these totally complete courses to learn to speak English individually?

General English Speaking Course will teach to speak English generally. About this type of course one question is there. Without Basic or Advance grammar, how will this course teach English? If Intensive (In-depth English) or Conversational English will not be taught in this course, than how can such course will teach to speak English generally.

Conversational English Speaking Course will enable to make conversation in English. Without Basic / Advance Course or Intensive Course, will it be possible to keep continue conversation in English just like any other regional language.

What is exact definition of Basic as well as Advanced English Speaking Course? Where does it start and where does it end? What is included and what is not in these courses?

Doesn’t Business or Corporate English Speaking Course require any support from Intensive / Conversational English Course, Basic / Advanced English Course?

As per SureEnglish study, such kind of variety of names may have given to courses by different institutes or authors as per their contents of course materials.


By explaining this, SureEnglish want to bring this unknown thing before you all. All these types of courses may be looking different, but internally they are connected and depended on one another. Actually material is same but names are different.

To learn English speaking, Spoken English Practice on normal level is needed more than Grammar & Vocabulary.

SureEnglish Blogs has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

What is the actual use of Grammar & Vocabulary in any language, mostly in English? Grammar & Vocabulary are the most important aspect to learn English. Everybody knows this simply.  But will anyone tell how it is important?


SureEnglish will clarify this. With the help of grammar, every sentence can be made without any mistake. No mistake means full confident about what have been spoken, is totally perfect.  In the same way, with the help of vocabulary, unlimited sentence can be made, because vocabulary is unlimited, therefore sentences can be made unlimited.  In such way, by using Grammar & Vocabulary, unlimited sentences can be built without any mistake.



But on the basis of study over human behavior, SureEnglish says, before Grammar & Vocabulary, habit of speaking in English on normal level is needed too much, because by using Grammar & Vocabulary, unlimited sentences can be made easily theoretically on book, but not practically in general life.  Practically means speaking newly built sentences in daily life as per requirement. But without habit of speaking in English, speaking newly built English sentences practically is not so easy.  In the absence of speaking habit, human psychological condition doesn’t support to speak it easily.


On the basis of study made by SureEnglish over human psychological condition while studying English language, it became clear that human brain cannot collect required words & matching grammar to build the sentence & speak it within second just like computer, until he has no its speaking habit.



In short, those who have speaking habit of English, one sentence of four to five words can be made within second. But those who don’t have this, cannot remind all those words & speak sentence quickly. If it is so, than what is the use of knowing variety of grammar and having lot of wordpower. In real time, if it failed to come on tongue within a second, what is use of making sentence structures theoretically on book?



On the basis of above study, SureEnglish gives first priority to the speaking habit in English before giving the lessons of grammar & stock of vocabulary. 

English Training at home by reading books, apps; English Listening and enhancing vocabulary without teacher will never make you ready to speak in English fluently.

SureEnglish Blogs has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

In India, it is already being said that there is no better option for teacher to grab knowledge fast. To learn speaking English at home by self-studying from books/apps, listening English lecture, reading English newspaper or raising words-power is just like running attempts of physically-impaired person by one leg.



Who will teach best, teacher or statue of teacher? Off Course, teacher…!  Even though so many subject-wise books are available in the market, parents prefer to send their child to school, college & class. Because one added facility is available there i.e. ready guidance from subject-wise teachers.



First of all, English language is not originally Indian language. Therefore most of family members or friends have less exact idea about English grammar or how to be spoken it in general life. Hence, while learning English alone at home, if supposed, there is any doubt/problem about grammar, words-power or sentence structure, who will guide at home?



If mother-father-brothers-sisters-friends are not well-educated, they can’t sort out these English-related problems. Even if they are educated, they may not give enough time, because they may be busy for whole day with their works plus they may not have enough experience of teaching this language just like proper English teacher doing same work for many years.


Another thing, while learning to speak in English at home, if mistakes happen continuously because of wrong guidance got from family-members or friends who don’t have teaching experience, what will be use of efforts taken to learn to speak in English.



Meanwhile, while learning English speaking, if mistakes ignored continuously, it may become wrong speaking habit which may lead you another big mistakes.



In such way, without guidance from experienced teacher, if it is tried to learn English at home, than it will be great headache. 

Job Interview questions and answers cannot be inseparable part of English Language Training Center

SureEnglish Blogs has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

Appearing for job interview in High Profile Company is not a simple task. Effective interview in any high profile company will make easy to get high profile job there.  Therefore having impressive Interview Skill is most essential in today’s competitive life.  Today mostly interviews are given in English language to create long lasting impression. Hence there is invisible connection established between good command over English language & effective interview skill. 

Despite this healthy relation between them, Interview Skill Development Program can not be inseparable part of English Speaking Course just like grammar & vocabulary.  Lessons of English Speaking are not depended on Interview Skill Development Techniques.  It means, first of all, one must know how to speak in English very well, on this basis Interview Skill Development Technique can be taught easily.  Against to this, English lessons cannot be taught on the basis of Interview Skill Development Technique. 


Interview Skill Development Program is needed to those only who don’t have live experience of how to give interview, what kind of preparation should be made while appearing for interview.  But only those who have full idea about giving interview successfully will need only English Speaking Course, if they are weak in English Speaking. 

Without fluent English Speaking Exercises, learning American or British Accent directly will never be possible

SureEnglish Blogs has some intentions of spreading awareness & clearning misunderstanding about training System of English Languages provided by existing English Training Institute

In India, everybody has attraction of English Language. Most of the people try some of the English words or sentences just for impressing other. It is good to try like this. By this way English will be improved gradually.  But seeing the dream of speaking English just like American or British in the beginning just by joining American or British Accent Training Class will be totally stupidity. At the moment if there is no English speaking habit a little bit,  how can anyone dream like this? Those who want to speak in English like American or British people by just joining American or British Accent Class, first they should learn to speak English non-stop at local level in India.  Learning Amarican or British Accent is not heavy task, but to achieve it background of good spoken English habit is needed most. Accent is just only style of speaking, but if one don’t know what to speak & how to speak, then where will this style be applied?  Without continuous English speaking habit, no any Accent training class will be able to teach American or British accent so efficiently.